NWPC Foundation Grant Application Process

The board of the National Women’s Political Caucus Foundation is pleased to announce the third round of grants to be awarded from the Foundation funds.  The NWPC Foundation, which has a 501(C)3 tax status, was founded to provide funds for leadership development, education, and research projects that fit within the restrictions of a c3 tax-deductible organization, consistent with the goals and values of the National Women’s Political Caucus, Inc. to achieve political equality for women. 

 Following is a summary of the grant program, guidelines, eligibility requirements, and the application to be completed in order to be considered for the grants. Download the application below to apply by mail or email.

The Board of Directors has approved a total of $8000 for 2018 Grant Program. Grant distribution shall be made in awards ranging from a maximum of $2500 to a minimum of $500.

The purpose of the grants will be for educational programs of the grantee’s choosing, with a strong membership component.  

“Educational programs” may include activities similar, but not limited, to those listed below.  The educational program must be consistent with the mission and values of the National Women’s Political Caucus, Inc.

  • Conduct public education training sessions about participation in the political process
  • Educate candidates on public issues or conduct candidate campaign schools
  • Produce legislative scorecards (with certain restrictions)
  • Prepare candidate questionnaires (with certain restrictions)
  • Sponsor candidate debates (with certain restrictions)
  • Engage in legislative issue advocacy and education
  • Conduct non-partisan, get-out-the-vote voter registration and education drives

A strong “Membership component” must be included in each grant application.  The applicant must outline how their proposed program will help to increase membership in the National Women’s Political Caucus, including goals, outreach strategies, and methods to communicate with potential diverse communities. 

Grants shall be made to Local and State Caucus chapters of NWPC Inc. in good standing. This includes being current on dues owed to National for membership, having current bylaws on file at the National office, and being in compliance with all NWPC Inc. requirements for Local and State Chapters.   NWPC LDERF shall also be eligible to receive a grant up to $2500 per grant cycle.  No state or local caucus having received a grant in the previous two years shall be eligible to receive a grant in the current grant cycle. 

Grants shall be given on a competitive basis and judged on the merits of the program being proposed.  Applications must be submitted to the Foundation by the deadline set in the calendar for 2018 Grant Program below.  Grants will be awarded to the best grant proposals selected by the Foundation Board.  Grant Programs must be completed before May 1, 2019 with Final Reports submitted by the date on the Form provided by the Foundation.

Applicants may apply for grants in amounts ranging from $2500 maximum to $500 minimum. 

The Applicant shall submit an itemized Budget for their Project on the form provided by the Foundation in the 2018 Grant Application (attached).

The Foundation shall fund up to 75% of the Total Cost of the Applicants’ program/project – up to a maximum of $2500.  Applicants must provide a 25% match for the program/project being funded.

Applicants shall apply for a grant using the Grant Application provided by the Foundation in the Call for Grant Applications.

Applicants shall include an acknowledgement of funding from the National Women’s Political Caucus Foundation on printed materials, and in any publicity of the program or event.

Applicant shall forward photos of the event to the NWPC Foundation as part of the Final Report or sooner, for use by the Foundation in printed or online news about the NWPC Foundation.

March 26, 2018 -- Issue RFP
April 30, 2018 -- Grant Proposal Deadline
May 31, 2018 -- Judge Proposals
July 28, 2018 -- Award Funds  (Date of the NWPC Annual meeting) 
May 1, 2019 -- Applicants’ programs must be completed and Final Report Submitted

NWPC Foundation
6026 McGee
Kansas City, MO  64113

Or electronically to: nwpc-foundation@outlook.com

Download the 2018 NWPC Foundation Grant Program PDF version.

Download the 2018 NWPC Foundation Grant Application PDF Version.